Howe Yoga

Yoga for EveryBody

Although yoga asana appear to work solely on the physical body,
the practice of asana improves the workings of all the bodies systems.
Yogic science believes the body mirrors the mind and the mind mirrors the body.


The primary goal of Yoga is “chitta vrtti nirodha” translated means
“to calm the fluctuations of the mind.” Yoga frees the mind allowing
it to return to peace and simplicity. The mind is freed only
when the body is balanced and the perfect pose
is achieved and maintained with ease. 

In Sanskrit Yoga is derived from the root word yuj;
meaning union, to yoke or to join.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,
196 terse aphorisms describing the subject of Yoga,
Patanjali, a sage and scientist who lived about 2500 year’s ago,
describes the eight fold path of Astanga Yoga.

These eight steps of Astanga Yoga outline
the moral, physical, mental, emotional
and intellectual conduct of the Yogi.
Adherence to these steps leads
the “sadhaka” (student)
towards Enlightenment or “Samadhi.”