Outside of house, looking roughly SE

Also looking SE. Note that the roof is fairly clear in terms of solar access to the South but it is shadowed expecially in the winter from the SW.

The roof is shown in red, with the smaller square being the garage (for lack of a better word) roof. The red square with an x through it is about 30 meters square horizontally (i.e. a bit more tilted) but zoning requires a one meter set back from the edges for panels, etc.

Typical interior detail of the mansard (attic). Very dry and in good condition except one spot where there was a leak. The floor is a 2-5 cm thick type lime/cement/dirt/hay/rubble composition. However it does serve to block any drafts and is strong enough to walk on without (much) fear of cracking it.

The south face of the building. The window / opening that is currently blocked by the square wood panel was the entrance to the stall of the hay chute (since removed) that connected the stall to the attic where hay was dried. This verandah does get hot in the summer. On a perfect day in winter, it also gets warm. The vine does bear fruit, enough for snacking or maybe a few liters of wine, assuming one knew how to brew it.