Dodfest was an annual charity event hosted by The Easy Company. It raised money for leukaemia research and usually included a live performance by the Easy Company, a raffle, a disco, a bar, a free buffet and more.

In the past there have been three Dodfests:
  • DODFEST - the 1st Dodfest took place at Bilston Conservative Club on 3rd December 2011
  • DODFEST II - the 2nd Dodfest took place at Bradmore Social Club on 15th December 2012
  • DODFEST III : Doddy's Christmas Party! - the 3rd (and final) Dodfest took place at Bradmore Social Club on 14th December 2013

The Easy Company abandoned Dodfest shortly after Dodfest III and currently have no further plans regarding it.

However, you can see all of their music videos here.

The Easy Co are also available for Doos, weddings, parties and more, so click here for more info.