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Easy Company

"Easy Company" is one of two new albums due to be released by the Easy Company Soon. It is styled as a 'best-of' album and contains some of their most successful and prominent songs from all three of their main albums (That's it Then, Songs From the Sickbed & And Then There Was Three).

Track listing is as follows:

  1. Stairs That Never End
  2. Waiting For The Sun
  3. Louise-Anne
  4. The White Stones
  5. Easy Company
  6. Time to Cry
  7. Vertical Suicide
  8. The Train
  9. The Lawman
  10. Canalside
  11. Madman on the Ward

This album is currently not yet on sale, but for details on how to purchase this album and the Easy Company's other new album, "And Then There Was Three" you can click here to find out more.

A Purchase button will be added here upon the public release of this album