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Seasons at The Retreat

 Just a few photos follow to give a flavour of the seasons here. The Retreat and Hollow Meadow are managed as a wild life site, with a stream running through the middle and a pond in the field. The steep south facing slope of the Meadow has many wild flowers, with the pond home to  dragonflies, frogs, newts and other pond life. There are lots of corners to sit in and birds to listen to. The butterflies thrive on the nettles,  if they get you, (the nettles, not the butterflies!) there is always a dock leaf not too far away to sooth. 
I have  Soay sheep grazing my meadow, which is also used for a hay crop in summer when the sheep are restricted to the hill side. Lots of trees and blossom, with sloes, damsons, elderberry and orchard trees. I have a vegetable patch and hens who act as slug and weed control between crops. - Sounds idyllic as I write and the place is kept in semi-control with the help of friends who visit and discover new projects to share in.
My plans this year include developing an outside workroom (formerly used as goat housing and referred to as The Goatel) so that clay work, felt making, paper making and similar fun things can happen here. There are craft places in the area where you can book courses but I would also like to host some, especially if they could be aligned with a contemplative time. Still Waters Quiet Garden holds meditative times in the summer at Kyre church  and I would like to develop the range of these at home also. 
Spring with all the bulbs coming up is magical, the first frogspawn is always exciting to find.(St David's day in 2012, a week later than last year. 2013 it was a month later ! 2015 was in March as well.)  Mallard are usually on the pond in Spring hopefully using the island to nest. 
Summer with the trees in full leaf and listening to the birds and enjoying the time outside is fun with all the local fetes happening.
Autumn with the leaves turning gold along the hedgerow, the sloes and damsons ready to pick and bottle is certainly fruitful.
Winter and the logburner to thaw you out after a long walk across the fields and time in the dark evenings to play cards, backgammon, chess or just sit and read.