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Dog Policy

Dogpeople awarded me a TOP DOG rating.
Dogs and other pets under control are welcome but please check with Maggie first.
Please be aware that I am surrounded by farmland with sheep, cattle and pheasant in fields and I have Soay Sheep, and hens.
When taking your dogs for walks, follow the country code. They should be on the lead in fields with animals and also when  near the pheasant rearing pens.
If your dog is not used to farm animals he may have culture shock when cattle follow him and prance  when he is on other side of fence. - Check with Maggie on useful tactics!  Avoid fields with cattle in as they can chase dogs. 
Inside the cottage the dogs are not allowed on furniture even though there are throws supplied. I know they do sneak up but please do not allow when spotted.
I am usually around so feel free to ask questions.
Welcome chew supplied and dog basics such as towel etc.
Enjoy your stay and happy walking!