“I can slay my own dragons, I can dream my own dream. My knight in shining armour is me.”-Cinderella, I5

You often hear women in books these days telling people that they’re no damsel in distress. In fact, look at quotes tagged as Damsel-in-distress on Goodreads and that’s practically all you’ll find! This isn’t entirely surprising. For a long time, women’s position in literature involve a tremendous amount of waiting to be saved.

So, what changed? How did authors start to empower their female characters? To move them out of the tallest tower and into the spotlight? What do we mean when we talk about strong female protagonists?

That’s what I hope to explore in this class! I’ll be giving you a whistle stop tour of a few of the amazing women literature has provided us with. Along the way, we’ll be looking into the different methods writers have used to help women smash the glass ceiling and why some of those have made such an impact in the land of literature.