Hunting in Holford

The Quantock Staghounds

The Quantock Staghounds were first formed in 1902 by Mr E V Stanley of Quantock Lodge and hunted by him until 1907, when he went to the Devon & Somerset Staghounds. The Quantock Staghounds were disbanded until 1917 when they were re-started by Sir Denis Boles with the help from the then Liberal Government.
The country hunted extends from St. Audries in the north-west to North Petherton in the south-east, including Holford, approximately 15 miles long by 4 miles wide.
Thirty couple of bitch hounds are kept in kennels at West Bagborough.

West Somerset Vale Foxhounds

Until 1946 the country was much larger, but from then it was divided between the West Somerset (Western Farmers) and the West Somerset (Quantock Farmers). In 1954 the two Hunts became completely independent. This pack retained the name 'The West Somerset Hunt'; the Quantock Farmers took the name 'West Somerset Vale'.
The country in Somerset is bounded by the Bristol Channel to the north, Bridgwater and Spaxton to the east, and St. Audries to the west. It includes the vale, the central part of the Quantock Hills, with moorland and forestry, and a half circle of vale south of the Quantocks. Adjoining Hunts: the West Somerset, the Taunton Vale, the Mendip Farmers, the Weston and Banwell and the Taunton Vale Harriers. To the north lies the sea.