Holford Silk Mills Action Group

At a meeting of Holford Parish Council Mr. D. Kerr of DKA/PEP Ltd made a presentation about securing a leasehold interest in the Silk Mills Holford, currently owned by The League Against Cruel Sports.  His company proposes to seek planning consent to restore one of the buildings and rebuild the other to beneficial use and install water turbines.  The general feeling amongst the public was concern. Because of this The History Society called a public meeting to gauge opinion in the village and surrounding areas and to determine what action, if any, needs to be taken.
This public meeting was held on the 13th February 2012 to discuss the development of the Silk Mills site. Fifty or so villagers attended the meeting. A general discussion took place. The attendees then resolved unanimously to form the Silk Mills Action Group in order to oppose any attempt to develop the site and to maintain regular contact with villagers regarding this proposed development.
Please visit the Save Holford Silk Mills site
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21st November 2012 Save Holford Silk Mills Facebook page launched

Following the interest generated by the possible sale of the Silk Mills site the following is the views of the Save Holford Silk Mills Action Group

The object of the group is to oppose and resist any form of development and to look at ways to maintain the site in its current condition and to work on the sites liabilities both internal and external.

I have yet to speak to anyone in the village or surrounding areas who is in support of any development at the Silk Mills site and feel it best to say that should anyone purchase the site for any reason other than preservation and conservation they would find the whole process an uphill struggle with very strong resistance from the village.


The group will meet to discuss, any announcements will be posted here and on our Facebook page.