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Holford at work (past & present)

 Anthony (Amph) Salvidge at Holford Yard
Les Bartlett, John Keevans, Mike Thorn & Ben Bartlett at Holford Yard
Quantock Home & Garden, poly-tunnel - growing on hanging baskets at Ge Mare Farm
There are have have been many who have worked in Holford over the years, here are a selection of photographs from the past and present day. It is intended to put up some more current photos as they are tomorrows history.
Any photos or stories, please send them to Holford History Society
 Brett Bates at The Ferns Holford
 Sheep Shearing at Ge Mare Farm
 Wheat Stooks Moorhouse Farm
Tom Salvidge & Red Devon Cattle
A39 Holford
 Silk Mills Holford
Sail Reaper cutting corn
Moorhouse Farm
 Tom Salvidge Quantock Hills
 Silk Mills Holford
 Quantocks sheep round up - Anthony (Amph) Salvidge  and John Fewings
 Calf at Ge Mare Farm
 Lambs and Ewes at Ge Mare Farm
  Tannery at Combe House
 Combe House Hotel
 Combe House Hotel
Aerial - Moorhouse Farm
Removed by request
 The Plough Inn
 The Smithy
 The Smithy
 Holford Post Office 1955
 Holford Post Office
 Silk Mills saw pit
 Amph (quad bike) & Tony Salvidge Ge Mare Farm 2005

Amph Salvidge & John Fewings Ge Mare Farm Holford

 Quantock Home & Garden construction of new poly-tunnel 2010