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Winsors Farm

In the 1920's Winsors Farm was run by the Summerhayes family. Some of their relations live in East Quantoxhead today. The farm buildings were at The Bartons and the adjacent land included a kitchen garden, an orchard, a meadow which ran down to the main road.

 In the 1920 Alfoxton sale Ernest Boobier purchased it. Kelly's shows him living there as a farmer, bee keeper and board residence in 1923 & 35. The Barn contained the cider press, horse boxes and hay storage. In the 1980's the barn was converted into a residence called Winsors Barn.

 The attached Winsors Cottage was the home of Kitty and Julia Bryant in the 1920's, they had a small shop there where they sold newspapers. Phyllis Story remembered they sold sugared rasberries, which were the best and they always threw an extra one in. In the 1980's it was converted into a seperate residence.

 In the 1980's Little Quantock was built on the vegetable garden