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Holts Edge (formally Holford Glen Garage)

Formally Holford Glen Garage which was built in 1935 by Ernest Boobier on part of the field belonging to Winsors Farm.
The garage was first run by Van Dyke Boobier who also ran a taxi service which had a Rolls Royce in it's service. During the Second World War the garage was also used as a grain store.
The garage operated until 2000 when planning permission was gained to build two properties, No1 & No2 Holford Glen, later to be renamed Holts Edge and Sleepy Hollow by the first owners. Holts Edge was built in 2003 followed by Sleepy Hollow in 2005. Brett Bates and Susan Juggins were the first owners of Holts Edge purchasing it during construction in 2002.
If you have any photos of the old garage (those below are not very clear), please either send them to me via the contact us link on the left or bring them round to me so I can scan them and let you have them straight back.
Quantock Home & Garden is also run from here.
Photos below courtesy of Brett Bates, Christina Taylor & Peter Grandfield
Holts Edge 2010
Holts Edge 2003
Holford Glen Garage 2000
Holford Glen Garage 1964
Holford Glen Garage 1950's
 Holts Edge 2012