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NEWS 2009

December 19, 2009 Medals at 1500m Auckland Champs

Congratulations to the 10 athletes who competed amongst the largest fields I've ever seen at the 1500m champs tonight (at a hot and windy Mt Smart Stadium). Special congratulations to Cherie Walpole (13G) for GOLD, Michael Dawson (12B) for BRONZE and Jessica Reid (14G) for a club record. Cherie and Michael may also have broken club records (to be confirmed). Well done!

December 14, 2009 Latest record breakers


William Caltaux


28 November 2009

29.89 sec

Roskill South

(old record 31.62 sec 87/88)


William Caltaux


28 November 2009

1.12.13 min

Roskill South

(old record 1.13.76 min 92/93)


Niven Longapoa


9 December 2009

28.00 sec

Club Night

(old record 28.27 sec 02/03)


Kesomi Tatola


9 December 2009

31.71 metres

Club Night

(old record 31.47 metres 08/09)


Malia Steinmetz


9 December 2009

28.97 sec

Club Night

(old record 29.55 sec 03/04)


Caitlin Donaldson


9 December 2009

1.09.79 min

Club Night

(old record 1.10.50 min 79/80)

December 6, 2009 17 Medals at Relay Champs

Congratulations to all the athletes who participated at the Relay Champs on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and not a baton was dropped! A big thank you to Brenda and her team for helping to organise the children, Helena who drew up the teams, Tony who did extra relay training, and all the parents who helped out officiating at events (it WAS noticed that Hillsborough does more than required when helpers are needed). Here are the results.


SHOT RELAY 1ST Oliver/Vianna/Ezra/Reese

8 YEARS 100B RELAY 3RD Caleb/Jack/Peter/Keshan SHOT RELAY 3RD Deepa/Rowena/Adam/Caleb

9 YEARS SHOT RELAY 3RD Melata/Emily/Carlos/Karl

200 RELAY (GIRLS) 2ND Emily/Jessica/Jackie/Rosie

LONG JUMP RELAY 3RD Carlos/Isaac/Emily/Jessica


200G RELAY 3RD Alex/Malia/Sena/Sharanita

100G RELAY 2ND Alex/Malia/Sena/Sharanita

LONG JUMP RELAY 2ND Alex/Malia/Scott/Nathan


SHOT RELAY 3RD Eilish/Celine/Nathan/Kesomi

LONG JUMP RELAY 3RD Celine/Eilish/Mark/Nathan

200 RELAY (BOYS) 3RD Josef/Nathan/Michael/Mark

DISCUS RELAY 3RD Kesomi/Nathan/Eilish/Emily


DISCUS RELAY 3RD Daniel/Yash/Jessica

200B RELAY 3RD Daniel/Yash/Thomas/Sheahan

100 RELAY (BOYS) 2ND Daniel/Yash/Thomas/Sheahan

LONG JUMP RELAY 2ND Daniel/Thomas/Jessica/Caitlin

Other Teams to make finals

100m 9G /9B /11G/ 11B/ 12G/ 12B

200m 7G /7B /8G /8B /9B /10B /11B /12G /13B

Medley Relays - both teams placed 4th

December 3, 2009 Colgate Games Update

Nearly 1600 entries have been received for the NI Colgate Games to be held in Auckland in January. Hillsborough has 50 entries, the biggest team in many years. We hope for nice weather and great results!

November 28, 2009 Records broken at Roskill South Open Day

Congratulations to William Caltaux (8B) who broke the following records on Saturday

1st 400m Time 1:12.13 (new HJAC and Roskill South Open Day record) old HJAC record of 1:13.76

1st 200m Time 29.89 (new HJAC record - old was 31.62)

1st 100m Time 14.33 (new Roskill South Open Day record)

November 22, 2009 Medals at the Pentathlon

Congratulations to all those who took part in the Pentathlon over the weekend and especially to the following place medal winners:

William Caultaux (8B) SILVER, Alex Hyland (10G) GOLD, Nathan McCarthy (12B) SILVER and Michael Dawson (12B) BRONZE.

November 8, 2009 Trans Tasman Team selected

After two Open Days, two trials, and 180 registrations, only 120 athletes can be chosen for the Auckland Trans Tasman team. This team will compete at the Trans Tasman Competition to be held in Auckland in January. Congratulations to the following people who were selected:

10G - Malia Steinmetz, Alex Hyland, Tamsin Harvey, Sena Ogawa-Bracey and Sharanita Sharma (res)

10B - Richard Ledger, Joshua Simmons, Harrison Youngson

11G - Emma Dunbar, Eva-Rae Robinson-Harris

11B - Ryan Curtis, Niven Longopoa, Jaime Boyo.

October 31 2009 Disney Channel comes to HJAC

There has been much excitement in the Tatola household over the last two days when a film crew from Disney Channel and TWO celebrities visited to film an "Undercover Coach" segment with Kesomi and Melata Tatola. A few other HJAC kids and adults were useful as extras so keep watching Disney Channel in January 2010 to see the segment with Kesomi, Melata and others. I wonder who won the shot put competition? I wonder who the celebrity could be...

October 14 2009 First Coaching Clinic works athletes hard

The HJAC coaching clinic got underway last night with athletes receiving coaching and drills in track, high jump and shot put. There are only a few places left so get in quick! Coaches this year are Wendy Reid and Murray Cumberpatch, with specail appearances from Dave Youngson, John Enright and other invited guests.

May 4, 2009 Auckland Centre Sportsperson Awards
Congratulations to the following athletes who were nominated for the above award: William Caultaux (7-9 boys), Malia Steinmetz (7-9 girls) and Cherie Walpole (12-14 girls). It is an honour to be considered for this prestigous award and our athletes did very well. William and Cherie both came second in their categories and Malia Steinmetz won her category for the second year in a row. She is also the first recipient of the new trophy for that category (don't drop it!)

April 13, 2009 Inter Provincial Competetion for 12/13 year olds at Hamilton
Congratulations to all our athletes who competed over Easter Weekend. Counties Manukau won the competition with Auckland a close 2nd. Special congratulations to those who broke their PB's and to Caitlin Donaldson, Rei Ogawa-Bracey, Kadin Richardson, and Cherie Walpole who all broke club records. A total of 5 records were broken.
March 31, 2009 Prizegiving

If you are interested in coming onto the committee for 2009/2010 season, please email the secretary so a nomination form can be sent to you.

March 21, 2009 Pentathlon medals

The Junior & Senior Pentathlons and the Auckland 4x400m relays champs were help in perfect conditions today. Well done to all who entered. HJAC had a great representation both of athletes and officials. A special congratulations to the following medal winners; William Caultaux (7B) GOLD, Nathan McCarthy (11B) BRONZE, Girls Medley GOLD (Caitlin, Celine, Eilish, Tasmin, Cherie) and the 11 year olds relay (Michael, Mark, Celine, Emily) GOLD. Also well done to the 13 year relay (4th) and the 10 year old relay (5th).

March 20, 2009 Interprovincial 12/13 team named
Eight of our athletes trialled to be part of this team. Congratualtions to Caitlin Donaldson (13G), Jessica Reid (13G) Cherie Walpole (12G), Jarred Curtis (12B), Rei Ogawa-Bracey (12B) and Kadin Richardson (12B) who were selected for the Auckland team and Victoria Hassan (13G) who was selected for the Counties Manukau Team. The final training is being held on Sunday 29th March.

March 18, 2009 Champion of Champions cancelled

The Junior Committee have cancelled the Champion of Champions Day on the 28 March.

This is due to clashes with other events such as T&F Nationals in Wellington which will leave the Juniors short of officials and organizing committee. Congratulations to our HJAC members who qualified tonight at the Auckland Secondary School Champs to attend the T&F Nationals in Wellington.

March 14, 2009 26 Medals at Auckland Champs
It may be a record medal haul so congratulations to all the Hillsborough athletes who competed at the Auckland Champs today, and especially the following athletes who received medals: Rowena Brunt (7G) SILVER in the LJ, Caleb Simmons (7B) GOLD in the 100m and BRONZE in the 60m, Adam Curtis (7B) BRONZE in the Shot Put, Melata Tatola (8G) GOLD in the Shot and BRONZE in Discus, Malia Steinmetz (9G) GOLD in 100m, GOLD in 200m, GOLD in LJ and SILVER in 60m, Alexandra Hyland (9G) GOLD in 60m, SILVER in 100m and SILVER in 200m, Ryan Curtis (10B) SILVER in discus, Nathan McDougall (10B) SILVER in 800m, Richard Ledger (10B) SILVER in HJ, Celine Pearn (11G) SILVER in LJ, Michael Dawson (11B) BRONZE in 800m, BRONZE in 400m and BRONZE in HJ, Kesomi Tatola (11B) SILVER in Shot and SILVER in Discus, Cherie Walpole (12G) GOLD in the 800m, Jessica Reid (13G) SILVER in 1600m walk, Kathleen Garrett (14G) BRONZE in Shot, Matthew Dunbar (14B) GOLD in the 2000m walk. A large number of PB's were broken and club records were broken, so well done.
If you attended today's event and have some good photos then please email them to the secretary.

February 28, 2009 Wet weather stops Auckland Junior Champs Qualifying

The rain put a stop to the Qualifying champs so the whole event will be held on the 14th March.

February 14 2009 Gold at Top Ten

The weather started out cool but it soon became VERY hot. We fielded a full team despite last minute changes and came 8th overall. Congratulations to those athletes who competed up an age and to those who managed PB's. Special congratulations to the 7B team who got BRONZE medals and to the 9G team who won GOLD! The 13G team only just missed out on a Bronze medal with 4th place (only 5 points less than 3rd place).

February 8 2009 Gold at Auckland Champs 2000/3000m

Congratulations to Michael Dawson (11B) for BRONZE in the 2000m and CherieWalpole (12G) for GOLD in the 3000m at Bays today.

January 22, 2009 Trans Tasman Report

The tour was a great success with athletes coming home having grown socially, culturally and physically. It was hot, hot, hot, with one Open Day (at Blacktown) cancelled after a couple of hours because it was 44.8 degrees in the shade (at least 50 in the sun!) Unfortunately on Challenge Day the Aussies bet us, but just wait until next year! If you had an athlete compete at Trans Tasman then go to www.epsomrdstudios.com.au to see and order photos (a selection of which are seen here).

January 13 2009 South Island Colgate Games Medal at Invercargill

Congratulations to Daniel Sloan (13B) for GOLD in the 1600m walk.

January 6 2009 North Island Colgate Games Medals at Wanganui

A number of our athletes travelled to Wanganui and were looked after by Helena Sloan. Congratulations to the following medal winners: Tamsin Harvey (10G) SILVER in the 200m, Richard Ledger (10B) BRONZE in the HJ and Shot Put, Cherie Walpole (12G) SILVER in the 800m and 1500m, and Matthew dunbar (14B) SILVER in the 2000m walk.