Test requirements

Yellow belt requirements (children)
  • Sanchin kata test
  • Yellow belt online test
  • Good behavior inside and outside class
  • Physical test to determine concentration and mental toughness
  • 5 minute horse stance meditation
Orange belt (children)
  • Sanchin kata test
  • Kanshiwa kata test
  • Lead class in exercises
  • Six minute horse stance concentration
Purple Belt requirements (children)
  • Sanchin Kata test
  • Kanshiwa Kata test
  • Kanshu Kata test
  • Ashi and Kote kitai
  • Seven virtues project
  • Eight minute horse stance meditation
Brown belt requirements

·         Hojo-undo

·       Junbi-undo

·       Kote kitai

·       Ashi-kitai

·       Sanchin

·       Kanshiwa

·       Kanshu

·       Seichin

·       Kumite-one

·       Kyu-kumite

·       Free sparring

·       Leadership in the dojo

·       Basic Japanese terminology

·       If student, must maintain quality grades.
  • Ten minute horse stance meditation.

Junior Black and Black (shodan)
Full IUKF dan test.
Junbi and Hojo undo
Dan kumite
Seisan Bunkai
Free sparring
Nidan (second degree) Black belt
Repeat of Shodan test with noticeable improvement
Seiryu-designated kata
Sandan (third degree) Black Belt
Repeat of previous test
Konchin-designated kata
Yondan (fourth degree) Black Belt
Sanseiryu-designated kata
Sanseiryu Bunkai
Shinjo Sensei's Kumite
Two weapons kata