• Introduction to Evolution (BIOL 105, Summer 2017 for University of California Online Courses)


  • Thesis Writing Workshop at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen, Germany (June 2018, April 2019)

Teaching assistant

(University of California, Riverside; 2012-2017)

  • Organismal Biology Lab (BIOL 5B, 1 quarter)
    • Observational labs on protist, animal, and plant diversity. Experimental labs on the mammalian circulatory system and plant hydraulics.
  • Introduction to Evolution (BIOL 105, 5 quarters)
  • Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology (BIOL 174, 1 quarter)
  • Motivation for a University Honors Scholar; an introductory course into the Honors Program (Honors 1B, 1 quarter)
  • Research and Creative Activities Across the Disciplines; workshops for Honors Thesis students (Honors 150, 2 quarters)

Some excerpts from student evaluations:

Layla was extremely helpful and cared about her students learning. She was always available and made lab very enjoyable.

Layla is a successful TA with her clear instructions in laboratory and what needs to be understood viewing life specimens. I enjoyed taking this lab this quarter.

Layla was a terrific TA. It is clear that she understood the material extremely well. Although she is at times a tough grader, it is encouraging that she has high expectations for her students.

Layla was an amazing TA because she was always helpful in class and in office hours and her explanations made the material easy to understand.

I greatly enjoyed Layla's discussion course. She was well organized, helped everyone understand the lecture material and over all was an amazing source of assistance and knowledge on the course material. Thanks Layla, good luck on your endeavors!

Layla was a TA! She is enthusiastic in her teaching and is clear and concise in her explanations. The homework was a great way of applying the material and reviewing. I have no complaints. Everything was great and fun.