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Highett Residents' Group 
highett1@yahoo.com.au or Ph. 9532 - 2414 
Welcome to the Website for the Highett Residents' Group
Highett is an attractive bayside suburb in Melbourne, Australia. This group has been formed to represent the interests of the residents of Highett 
in the future evolution of their suburb.
We consider Highett to be a special place. It's bayside suburban location is increasingly attractive in a more densely populated Melbourne, 
and the strong housing prices stand testimony to the value of living in a suburb that is not remote from the city nor overrun with
high density housing. 
Join us in ensuring that the urban qualities established in Highett are retained. 
The Highett Residents' Group is specifically addressing a number of focus issues that are of major significance with respect to the strategic planning 
of Highett. As the suburb is divided between both Kingston and Bayside Councils it is important that a cohesive approach is taken to the urban planning, 
independent of municipal boundaries. 

Focus Issue: 
The Grassy Woodlands on the CSIRO site 
The CSIRO site contains the last remnants of a type of sandbelt woodland that was probably always uncommon. 
With River Red Gums and Yellow Box trees that pre-date the establishment of Melbourne, it is essential that this area be preserved. 
The issue is being promoted by the The Friends of the Highett Grassy Woodland who you can contact via Facebook or at highettgrassywoodland@gmail.com
The Highett Residents' Group supports this group and all actions to preserve this environmental space.A recent environmental study confirmed that the CSIRO green belt is of regional significance, 
but is seriously threatened with CSIRO plans. 
We need to ensure the preservation of the Woodland as a living system, and that it fulfills a vision for a native environment space and informal recreation for the people of Highett.
Please write to your local politicians to request the conservation of this unique ecological zone. 

Focus Issue: 
The need to oppose at VCAT the massive 11 storey development at 220 Bay Road - November 2010
The site (between the Bay Road Heathland Sanctuary and 'Ronsons' and backing onto Sandringham College)
has been proposed to be redeveloped into a huge complex containing 499 Units, 854 carspaces with traffic lights on Bay Road. The development
 is 32.5 metres high, which is equivalent to 11 storeys and is incredibly at odds with our streetscape. The planning precidence embodied in this proposal 
constitutes an urban planning issue of consequence for all of the Bayside Municipality. Bayside Council has unnamiously opposed the development,
 and the developer has appealed to VCAT. The VCAT hearing is scheduled for November the 24th.
Contact us if wish wish to help organise opposition to this development or if you would like details on how to oppose it. 

Plans for this site are available at:

Focus Issue: 
The need to oppose inappropriate development of the irregular-shaped block, bordering Tibrockney St, Beaumaris Pde and Sterling Ave. 
This 4000sq m block, has a proposed development of 27 Units up to three storeys high, with a consequent major impact on local residents.
Contact us for further details on this development.

Focus Issue: 
The need to oppose massive development of the combined 284 and 286 Highett Road sites
The site (former Tax office building opposite the Presbyterian Church, and the RAAF site at the corner of Graham and Highett Road),
has been proposed to be redeveloped into a huge complex containing 153 Units, 534 carspaces, a supermarket and 5 shops. The development
 is 16.8 metres high, which is equivalent to 5 storeys and it presents a monolithic block at a focal point of Highett. 
The traffic situation in Highett and Graham Roads will become unworkable if this goes ahead, and it is an obvious clash with the Neighbourhood
Character of the area. Contact us for further  details on this development.
Why oppose inappropriate development?: 
Approval of a high density developments in Highett, establish a dangerous precedence for the entire suburb. Let's develop a suburb which enhances our 
quality of life and remains an attractive part of the Bayside/Kingston Municipalities. 
What you can do: 
If you are concerned about the quality of the environment in Highett, then act to make a change by:
1.) Contacting the Highett Residents' Group to support action against inappropriate development.
2.) Communicate your concern about inappropriate planning to your local politicians, by writing (by hand is best), calling, visiting or emailing.
Our Local State Government MLA is Murray Thompson, Member for Sandringham in the Victorian Parliament
3.) Be involved with this Website and the Highett Residents Group by emailing or phoning your support to: highett1@yahoo.com.au or Phone 9532-2414.
Spread the word about planning issues in the Highett community 
This Website represents the thoughts of citizens who are interested in ensuring that Highett develops in a manner that enhances the quality of life for
all those who live in the community, and to ensure that local developments occur in a manner that complements 
and enhances the existing suburban environment. 
Relevant Links: 
Kingston Council
Bayside Council 
Chelsea Residents Against More Multi-Eyesore Developments 
Issues from the past: 
History of Highett: http://www.highett3190.com.au/index.php?pgid=27
Media release on the relocation of the Vodaphone tower by the Highett Action Group 
The evolution of Save Our Suburbs: An extract: 
'Last October (1997), the Planning and Local Government Minister, Mr Rob Maclellan, 
said councillors were "telling fibs" when they said 
they were forced into approving new developments. The criticism stung and some councils are hitting back. 
Bayside Council, in Melbourne' s inner south, has introduced 18 "local variations", which it uses to 
interpret the Good Design Guide. 
From the start of the year, the council has decided 
that if any development faces even one objection, the proposal must be referred to the elected council and not left in the hands of the officers.
The mayor of Bayside, Cr Graeme Disney, said last week: " we felt for a long time that our hands were tied but that is not a good enough reply for the residents. 
So we hardened our attitude ... that is what an elected council is for." 
Last Monday night, the council considered 27 planning applications and refused all but three.' 
The Highett Post Office area prior to its 'development' . In comparison to what is presently in place on this site, the diminishment in public 
open space is evident.
Issues in the future: 
Pressures of population movement and property investment are driving 'developers' to target Highett as a region suitable for exploitation.
Effective actions by residents in other Bayside areas have forced developers to extensively modify their plans, however these actions will indirectly 
will bring further development pressure to the Highett region unless a concerted resistance is presented by residents. The Highett Residents' Group has been 
formed to resist this pressure. The Highett Residents' Group needs your support to define and enact a quality urban environment in Highett. 
How do I join the Highett Residents' Group ? 
Easy ! Contact us by email at: highett1@yahoo.com.au
Or Phone: 9532-2414
Mobile: 0402059179