I'm Not Koaning Around

I pray with my eyes open

As anyone can see

Just open up awareness

I’ll see you seein’ me

I pray with my eyes open

I’m looking for my King

A Lord and a Saviour

Appears as I’m praying

As I pray with eyes open

Some call prayer patriarchal

But women do abound

Church men who’re matriarchal

I look all over prayer

And truly Christ I see

At each and ev’ry margin

Golden means Mommy Daddy

Holy whole of all other

I must face ev’ry day

I am one of the One

Of many, many ways

All for One, please recall

Is part of the cry

The other is all

For which I will try

To model the other

To aware be the case

And blame else on God

When I fall on my face

If God would come down

And stay here with us

Would that save us from all

Of the trials we will face

Christ instituted

The Sacraments seven

I’ll need some to carry

On my way to heaven

E. C. Institute

Where I went to high

School is repute

To growth of mine guide

Model of health

Advancing beyond

Ignoring all wealth

‘Cept spiritual bond

I propose that I’ll till

Culture at my feet

Sacred intermargin

By wife man complete

So what’s it all for

I’ll state it plainly

God’s person is focus’

Projection of us

Can you think, can you plan ?

Is that not the truth

Projection is real

Be a cinema sleuth

Inversion at limits

Keeps it all together

But awareness will grow

With each broken tether

Perfect Holy height

When seeing it all

Love drives us back

Enthralled with it all

Still lack Emmanuel

And inversion bestowed

My mysterious call

I am single and bowed

I’ll till this culture

And work at nothing

None else to do

Marriage the One thing

God is here with us

Fulfilling Christ’s mission

Creating your spouse

Beyond man’s institution

In heart mind and sole

Feet planted and faced

Aware of completion

Not advance or loose face

R David Foster – Monday, March 23, 2009 – 9:30 am

I’m Not Koaning Around