Portraits of the Crafty Twelve and Others

Portraits of the Crafty Twelve and Others

Watercolour Portraits

Simon Zealot



Working out a painting, I found, really helps to solidify a character.

These were painted over several months this past year.

These paintings are not intended to be used in the animation, but the characters are all from the animation, Matthew's Five's Nine, now in production and due to be completed in late 2012.


 James greater











James lesser




































Victor and Billy




 Standard Bearer





 Judas Model

Sometimes I find it necessary to do an
actual model of a character to
clarify the different views. Here is just such a model of Judas.



Judas twelve drawing Head Rotation

 Judas  - a twelve drawing head rotation



The Absolute First - Original Character Designs of the Crafty Twelve 2010-08-05,08

These are the absolute first ever drawings of the Crafty Twelve.  I began shortly before the second time I participated in the Cross of Victory Walking Pilgrimage to Martyr's Shrine, and completed them on the retreat day Sunday of the Pilgrimage.

When a young woman saw them, without there being any names for each of them, she immediately recognized John as being that character that I drew to be John.

Enjoy !