The Spirit of One Animated


This swirly thingy first appears in Matthew's Three Fold. The original image, from Matthew's One Too !, was two camouflage coloured black and white computer imaged tori. Next, in Matthew's Two, the image was like two candy striped tori, one blue and white - the male, and the other red and white - the female.

Watch for this spirit of One in future episodes.

Verse 17

Gospel of Matthew Chapter Three

17And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”

Verse 17

animation text by R David Foster

17And a voice was heard: “This is my One, with them I am well pleased.”

Verse 17 Discussion

Stepping back from the discussion of macro physics, and the nature of existence, the voice from heaven says that Jesus is his son, whom he loves, and with whom he is well pleased. In the animation text, there is not a statement of love. This may have originally been an oversight, but the die has been cast, and what was said is what was said. To make sense out of it, going back to the beginning of this discussion, everything has an inclination to either whole or part, female or male, and this inclination can be seen as love. So the love of an aspect is for it's inclination. Males love to be male, and females love to be female. The greatest joy, however, is when the two parts of the dichotomy are united. So this joy is beyond love, as love can exist in one part without the other whole reciprocating, yet when the whole reciprocates there is joy, and vice versa, and this Joy is the One.

Love is what animates existence, and this is the movement of the two tori, as animated. To illustrate this movement in the surfaces of the tori, I have illustrated an arrow on each tori, pointing in the direction of the movement of each surface. As a further complication, the arrow on the male torus is a positive image, with anything other than the arrow being transparent. In the female or horizontal torus, the arrow is transparent and the remainder of the surface opaque. These two arrows have a positive resultant vector, but point in perpendicular directions – at right angles to one another.

There are twelve divisions both laterally and longitudinally on each torus. The arrows are determined by drawing a grid on the arrow image and mapping the image onto each torus to create 24 images, which when viewed in order, animate the tori.

The result is a very complex animated image. Originally, in the computer animated image of the tori in HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's One Too! , the tori simply rotated longitudinally, did not touch, and had a random pattern on their surfaces. Then in HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Two , the surface of each torus had a spiral on it, like a candy cane, with the male having blue stripes and the female having red stripes. If the animated image represented merely the idea of the One, the image was in black and white, but if the One was present, the image was in colour. Furthermore, if the idea was newly acquired, and juvenile, the tori were static and not moving, without any pattern on the surfaces. This appears in the section entitled The Escape to Civilization .

Even I, with the greatest familiarity with this animated image, still have a difficult time seeing the arrows moving on the tori. I completed the animation in faith, having confidence in the final output because I was able to be consistent in the mapping of the arrows onto the tori. Nevertheless, if this simple construction is the basis for such a complex animated image, it is easy to imagine how there could be so much confusion, discouragement and conflict in the world if this extremely complicated image is the nature of existence.

Yet this image appears to be consistent with my experience. In Physics, they are trying to unite quantum physics, or micro physics, with macro physics, or Einstein's Theory of Relativity, to determine the nature of the universe and physical existence. The last time I checked, the universe, of multiple dimensions, appeared to be saddle shaped, or at least that is what I remember from the book A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. The shape of the surfaces of the tori, where the insides touch, is just such a saddle shape, and is homogenous and consistent, without any singularities or boundaries.

From another approach, Pope John Paul the second, wrote his book, Theology of the Body where all the aspects of relationships amongst people, including sex, are discussed in the light of God's revelation. It has been stated many times that this one writing, is a time bomb sitting in the church, that will blow popular thinking both within the church and within society, right out of the water ! Suffice it to say that this book, written by the Pope, as Pope in all his official authority, claims that the sexual revolution of the nineteen sixties did not go far enough in opening up peoples ideas of relationships and sexuality. There is a lot of potential between the sexes and in our relationships.

Furthermore, when looking at this animated model of existence, it seems to suggest that there are places in time and existence where everything is homogenous and moving together, yet in other parts of existence there is conflict and discord. There is also an exterior area in which to expand, but expansion is not so simple in this model. This is because, although male or female may expand freely in the open area outside of the longitudinal circumferences, expansion beyond the longitudinal circumferences into the inner circumference of the other, across the boundary, will create conflict. This seems to suggest that under certain circumstances the male must lead, but also equally strongly suggests that the female must lead in other circumstances that occur just as often. And the corollary would seem to be true as well – that there are circumstances where the male must limit himself, and there are equally occurring similar circumstances where the female must limit themselves.


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The Gospel of Matthew – Chapter Three -- HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Three Fold