Doctoral thesis:

           Väätäjä, H. 2014. Framing the user experience in mobile newsmaking with smartphones. Doctoral thesis. April 11th, 2014. Tampere University of Technology. [Framing the User Experience in Mobile Newsmaking with Smartphones]


Articles in journals – peer-reviewed

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Full papers in conferences – peer-reviewed

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Chapters in books – peer-reviewed

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Short papers and posters in conferences – peer-reviewed

Väätäjä, H., Pesonen, E. Ethical Issues and Guidelines when Conducting HCI Studies with Animals. CHI'13 Extended Abstracts, April 27-May 2, Paris, France. [slides] [pdf] [promovideo] [Hen tango]

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Workshop and Industrial papers – peer-reviewed

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on Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI): Pushing Boundaries beyond "Human" in conjuction with NordiCHI 2014, Helsinki.

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Walking the City: Capturing and Understanding City Life with the Help of Everyday Ubiquitous Technology. Workshop on "Walking for Data" at INTERACT 2013, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Other publications

Chapters in books

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Full & short papers in conferences

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