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The Conjuring is on many a horror fan’s list of films to see this summer, and with good reason: some profoundly effective trailers and a prodigious amount of talent attached have understandably drawn a lot of attention to this fundamentally simple haunted house spookfest – and that attention is likely to grow now that early reviews of The Conjuring are being revealed online.

The film was written by sibling team Chad and Carey Hayes, whose contributions to the genre so far have included the remake of House of Wax and the biblically-bad plague flick, The Reaping. To counterbalance that, the director’s chair was filled by James Wan, one of the most notable talents in the current horror genre, who directed the original Saw, the critically-acclaimed “haunted child” movie Insidious, and the forthcoming sequel Insidious Chapter 2.

watch The Conjuring online Directed by modern horror maestro James Wan, 'The Conjuring'  takes all the familiar elements of exorcism based horror movies and puts a deadly new spin on them, resulting in a film that is not only genuinely terrifying but also a well-made one. Wan, who previously made Saw and was single handedly responsible for glorifying the torture porn genre in the 2000s weaves an artful, tasteful horror film that takes a subtle, quiet approach to induce scares rather than the loud, ear drum shattering, bloody, gory way most Hollywood horror films do. 

No doubt, Wan’s decision to create a horror film devoid of overblown special effects harks back to Guillermo Del Toro who introduced 'The Orphanage and Mama' to audiences, proving that you don’t need brutality and bump in the dark clichés to frighten the audience.  'The Conjuring' takes cues from both those films and even Wan’s previous movie Insidious and offers nonstop delicious mayhem. The film claims to be based on a true story but clearly that is more marketing bullshit than authenticity. It doesn’t matter because only a foolish person would believe in demonic possessions and the film is smart enough to appreciate and acknowledge its audience’s mental sophistication. But whether or not you believe in demonic possessions, 'The Conjuring' is guaranteed to give you a sleepless night or two.

watch The Conjuring online Just as with Insidious, The Conjuring features a scary old ghost lady as one of its main antagonists, and trailers have shown her (and other ghosts) doing any manner of unpleasant things, including hiding on top of wardrobes, hanging from trees and playing clapping games. The story centers around the Perron family (led by Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston as Carolyn and Roger Perron), who have the misfortune of moving into a house where malicious spirits are intent on tormenting them and their five daughters. The Perron’s call upon the aid of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), who set about uncovering the mysteries of the house and chasing away the ghosts.