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watch We're the Millers online movie We’re the Millers” is one of the surprising films of the summer because it is funnier than expected. It is definitely more entertaining than many other similar films that follow the same overused formula.   

The movie stars former “Saturday Night Live” star Jason Sudeikis as David Clark, a pot dealer who is in quite a bit of trouble after he is robbed.

To make it up to his boss, he sets out on the endeavor to smuggle marijuana from Mexico back into the U.S. without getting caught at the border.

Realizing he would look suspicious on his own, he starts up his own temporary family, the Millers. A stripper named Rose, played by Jennifer Aniston joins him as his wife while a runaway named Casey (Emma Roberts) and his nerdy neighbor Kenny (Will Poulter) both join them as the couple’s children. 

They soon set out on their journey in a giant RV encountering others problems such as the stereotypical nosy, naïve family who wants to be friends. The group eventually turns out to be much more trouble than the Millers could have ever predicted, which audience members can clearly see coming. 

Those who are uncomfortable with a good amount of profanity, along with quite a bit of crude humor, most likely will not enjoy this movie. 

With the cast of characters being who they are, it is clear from the beginning that this is not a wholesome family comedy. 

watch We're the Millers online movie  We’re the Millers” is funny from beginning to end for adults, though, and even contains the proper amount of sentiment as people in such close proximity are bound to grow close, even if they are driving each other crazy in the process. 

All the actors do a nice job with their roles, although the movie does not always allow them to be much more than one-dimensional characters in order to keep the laughs coming.  

The plot is rather predictable. The normal comedic hijinks occur, along with the expected moments of danger for the unusual “family” thanks to some Mexican drug dealers. 

The film also ends with the expected happy ending where everyone realizes how much they care about each other, and I suspect people would not have been happy if they had just gone back to the lives they were living before.   

Some of the reviews for the movie have not exactly been stellar. This is to be expected, though, with this type of comedy. 

It is something that audiences are much more likely to enjoy than critics. To be honest, it is far from a great film, but it does the job.

For those who are interested in seeing the movie, do not let some lukewarm reviews discourage you. 

watch We're the Millers online movie  On the other hand, if it looks like something you will not like, you are probably right. This movie does not try to appeal to everyone, and the trailers do not try to hide what kind of a movie it is. 

Overall, will “We’re the Millers” be winning any Oscars this year? Of course not, but I do not think the filmmakers or the audience expect anything like that.  

If you are just looking for a funny movie to take your mind off your troubles for a couple of hours, this is the perfect choice.