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Dec 31 2021

With the latest Covid regulations now in place all scheduling of Hardy Rock Curling has been suspended until further updates and clarifications are received. The regulations outlined on December 30 for sports are as follows:

Tightening of some health measures

Starting from December 31, 2021, indoor sports are suspended unless they involve one person, two people (in pairs), or the occupants of the same private residence. The indoor facilities of ski centres are open solely to allow people to warm up or use the toilet facilities. The consumption of meals is prohibited inside snowmobile relays or adjacent buildings.

Thank you for your understanding.

Barry Rowland

The Opening event HotShots for the Hardy ROCK trophy came to a close on Thursday Dec 16 and was won by Team Connolly

The Fall Doubles competition was won by Bob Cameron and Bryan Fritz on Friday Dec 17

The Normandeau trophy was won by Team Langdon on Sunday Dec 19

Finally the Bill Driver trophy for the Ham & Turkeys was won by Team Connolly on Sunday Dec 19

It has been a crazy season but we have come through it all together. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

See you all in January.