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This is known as an Eager Beaver draw. The players who would normally be skips play Lead and all the other players move up one position. The Leads play Second, The Seconds play Third and the Thirds play Skip. This gives all the players a chance to play one position higher and see how they do. It also gets them to learn a bit more about the strategy and how to call line for sweeping calls.
 Latest news and info
We received word yesterday that there will be a film crew using most of the parking spots at the Legion from Feb 18 to 20 and that Main Street will be closed from Cameron to McNaughten. We can only park next to the curling shed. To allow us to play our Hardy Rock games the following changes will be made :
Schedule for Feb 18 & 20. Please walk, get a ride or pair up with another player who is playing at the same time. The early games will be played at 9:00 instead of 9:30. The early game players should leave immediately after their game to allow parking for the next players. There are a maximum of 10 parking spots and some will probably be used by the town employees so a minimum of two players per car is necessary.

Main Street from Cameron to McNaughten to be closed. (Two red X’s) You may be able to bypass the blockage taking Saint Jean and McNaughten or you might have to take Mount Pleasant. Check tyhe map in the email of Feb 14.

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