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We had our first Christmas party in 3 years !! We ha d a great turn out of 85 people. Everybody there was treated to some great curling.

In the semi-finals Team Gosselin was up 4 - 2 coming home in the 6th end. Team Langdon pulled off a 3 ender to win 5 to 4. In the other semi-final after 4 ends team Coutts was up 3-2. They had two rocks counting and one of them was dead -buried. Team St-Denis had an almost impossible draw for one and all anyone behind the glass saw, was a take-out leaving St-Denis down another point. However, the spirit of Brad Gushue visited our club and St-Denis settled in the hack and launched a rocket toward the 1/3 of a rock that he could see and made a double take-out to score 4 in the 5th. The best team Coutts could do was one in the 6th for a final score of 6-4 for St-Denis.

So the two top teams were eliminated in the semi-finals. The final was a topsy-turvy game with St-Denis scoring ends of 3, 2 and 5 and Langdon scoring 4, 1,1, 3 and 1 in the 8th end to force an extra end. St-Denis prevailed in a fantastic match.

Jon Bazar, the club president told us that the club was doing well and had great membership for the night, day and junior curling. Neil Tomiuk introduced the newest members to "Day Curling " Mark Boswick, Linda Dimatteo, Mike Homsy, Rob Lennox, Peggy Sheppard, David Leith, Gary White and Jay de la Durantaye. He also mentioned that once again we would be hosting elementary school children this spring (dates to be determined). Gilles Leblanc talked about the fact that this year we did not have enough players to enter the interclub competition and he hoped this would change for next year.

Many Thanks to our iceman Allan Jones, our two volunteer bartenders Bill Sansom and Bob Hart and to the person that has the most difficult job in the club, draw-master Bob Fournier. We had a fantastic turkey dinner put on by Stuart Lebaron and served up by our wonderful volunteers, Dorothy and Yves Gauthier, Bob and Claire Burns, Bill Louch and even at times Chris Poulter.

Gary White won $250 in the 50/50 draw (the second half to the Legion).

The icing on the cake was the draw to the button for a turkey, won by Jim Lacey at 1/2 inch from the pin !!!!

Merry Christmas everyone. See You next Year !

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