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A tremendous battle took place on January 11 in the Fall doubles semi-finals. Bill Hesketh and Bill Louch took on Jon Bazar and Sylvie Barriault in a game that went to an extra end and a measurement on the last stone in the extra end to determine that Hesketh and Louch had won. In the other semi-final Bob Cameron and Joan Bazar were taking on Bill Atkins and George Young. Their game ALSO went to an extra end and the final shots had both teams inside the 4 foot circle with Joan Bazar and Bob Cameron prevailing.

In the finals Joan Bazar was on fire with several shots coming around the standard guard to rest on the opponents rock. Bob Cameron was producing perfect guards forcing Hesketh and Louch to make impossible shots.

Joan Bazar and Bob Cameron emerged as Champions after a perfect season with ZERO losses.


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20221019 Doubles 12 teams 11 games + PO

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