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Zwischen Januar und März 2010 haben LG, Panasonic und Samsung neue 2D- und 3D-Fernseher mit Software für Skype-HD-Video-Telefonie angekündigt. Fehlen bloß noch passende HD-VideoCams...


Summary 2010-03-19

Wer die neue HD-Video-Telefonie auf seinen Laptops, PCs oder Fernsehern in HD-Qualität nutzen will, muss sich eine leistungs-fähige HD-WebCam zulegen und per USB anstöpseln. So eine HD-WebCam sollte eine Auflösung von 1280x720p-HD bei 30 Bildern pro Sekunde schaffen, damit das Video-Telefon-Bild auch nach HDTV aussieht. Die enormen HD-Video-Datenströme sollten schon in der WebCam hardware-seitig im Format H.264 komprimiert werden, weil sonst die CPU des Laptops, Rechners oder Fernsehers zu viel Leistung für die Video-Kompression verbrät, und/oder zu viel DSL-Bandbreite zum Video-Telefonieren benötigt wird. Vermutlich werden solche Skype-HD-Kameras im Laufe des Frühlings 2010 im Skype-Shop und in den Zubehörshops der 3D-Fernseh-Hersteller aufschlagen. Die TV-Hersteller lassen sich Details und Preise Ihrer künftigen Skype-Kameras derzeit nur mühsam und in winzigen Häppchen entlocken. Die stehen wohl selber gerade noch in Planung, Verhandlung, Eindeutschung und in der Preis-Findung. Zwei asiatische HD-WebCam-Hersteller haben aber schon im Umfeld der CES Las Vegas Details und Preise der HD-WebCams bekannt gegeben: Es folgen die HD-relevanten Ausschnitte aus deren Originalmeldungen:

faceVsion PR 2010-01-05


TAIPEI, Jan 5, 2010 --- faceVsion Technology Inc., a market innovator pioneering HD video communications for consumers and SMEs, has partnered with Skype to develop a high definition (HD) webcam optimized for Skype™ video calling, the FV TouchCam™ N1.


“We are thrilled to bring HD video to Skype’s global community and that we are advancing online video calls to a whole new frontier together with Skype,” said Alex Huang, CEO of faceVsion. “At faceVsion, we believe video communications should be an incremental and seamless enhancement to existing modes of communication that does not involve purchasing and installing expensive videoconferencing equipment.”


Promise of HD video calling over internet now a reality


Armed with HD codec know-how and embedded systems design expertise, faceVsion has overcome a number of barriers to enable all PC and internet users to enjoy real-time, two-way HD video communications using Skype, their existing PCs and the public internet:


  • Insufficient CPU power to handle real-time, two-way HD video communications
  • Most webcams available today cannot send HD (or above) video quality
  • Unmanaged 1-2 Mbps broadband networks cannot typically transmit HD video quality


Over the years, Skype has evolved into one of the most significant and convenient communications platforms for people to stay connected over the internet. Now, with the faceVsion HD webcam, Skype users worldwide can enjoy HD-quality video calling, allowing them to stay even more closely in touch, whether it’s grandchildren singing a Christmas carol to their grandparents, friends saying “Happy New Year” across borders, or professionals meeting to discuss business partnerships across time zones.


“With Skype’s expertise in internet communications and our disruptive technology, the partnership represents a milestone in instant and convenient HD video communications.” Huang added.


The faceVsion FV TouchCam™ N1 camera, with an embedded H.264* codec chip and dual microphones supporting beamforming techniques, offers synchronized, crystal clear HD video (720p, 3X DVD resolution) and superior audio quality. The FV TouchCam™ N1 connects to a PC using a USB plug and also comes with a flexible universal base that fits on any monitor. Its portability enables mobile professionals to stay connected in HD at any time, from anywhere.


“These easy-to-use HD webcams will make 720p video calling via Skype accessible to the millions of consumers around the world who do not have a high performance PC,” said Manrique Brenes, Skype's director of business development and product management for consumer electronics. HD video calling is supported in Skype for Windows 4.2 beta, or later, which is available as a free download from The FV TouchCam™ N1 will be available for purchase at and *H.264 is MPEG-4 AV compression to enable superb video experience at substantially lower bit rates.

In Store Solutions PR 2010-01-05


Las Vegas (Jan. 5, 2010)In Store Solutions today launched two new Skype Certified™ HD webcams, the FREETALK® TALK-7170 HD PRO and the TALK-7181 HD PRO PLUS. Both webcams enable true high definition video (720p) when used together with Skype 4.2 for Windows… To further accelerate sales of its line of Skype Certified products, In Store Solutions worked with Skype to develop the FREETALK HD webcams, which address one of the major hindrances to achieving HD video calling on PCs. The high definition video capabilities of the FREETALK HD webcams are powered by an onboard chip that eliminates the need for additional processing by the computer running the Skype application, enabling superior video conversations between people.
Targeted at consumers, the HD PRO comes with two built-in microphones and is suitable for one-to-one high-definition video calling over Skype. The HD PRO PLUS is the high-definition solution perfect for road warriors or businesses that are looking for low-cost videoconferencing. The four built-in professional cardioid microphones enable a four meter audio pickup, which, together with Skype’s beamforming algorithm, deliver crystal clear voice quality and help improve echo canceling performance.
The FREETALK HD webcams use H.264 video compression technology to create the most pristine video quality available today, when used with a fast broadband connection (800 Kbps symmetrical bandwidth or higher) and a computer with a 1.8 Ghz dual-core processor. For HD video calls in both directions, there should ideally be a similar set up on both ends. The FREETALK HD PRO webcam costs $120 and the FREETALK HD PRO PLUS costs $140. Both webcams will be available as of March 2010 for quick and efficient purchase through the Skype Shop, which is run by In Store Solutions.

Product specifications for the HD Webcams include:

  • 5 megapixel HD sensor
  • High performance optical lens
  • 24-bit true color depth
  • Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance
  • Manual focus capability for personalized focal setting
  • HD video encoding at resolutions up to 1280x720 at 30 frames per second in H.264 format
  • Less network bandwidth and CPU cycles required for HD video calls
  • Two or four professional directional cardioid microphones together with Skype’s beamforming algorithm provide crystal clear voice quality
  • Skype Certified encoding camera to enable HD-quality Skype video calling on a PC
  • Universal clip enabling attachment to a wide range of displays and monitors

For more information about FREETALK HD Webcam… or to order a unit, visit Skype for Windows 4.2 beta is available as a free download from

About In Store Solutions: In Store Solutions is a channel innovator that enables manufacturers and service providers to regain control of their brands and leapfrog the inefficiencies of legacy distribution. Utilizing its high-performance web commerce platform, In Store Solutions enables companies to quickly implement their own branded online stores and sell across borders to over 181 countries, in 44 currencies and 41 languages – all through a single licensing agreement. In Store Solutions then merchandizes those stores, with synergistic products and cross-selling opportunities, all without sacrificing the primary brand’s supremacy. Additionally, the company’s “imagineering” team identifies new and untapped market opportunities while creating product innovations specifically designed to leverage and extend its clients’ brands.
About Skype: Skype is software that enables the world’s conversations. Millions of individuals and businesses use Skype to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. Every day, people everywhere also use Skype to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles. Download Skype to your computer or mobile phone at Access to a broadband Internet connection is required. Skype is not a replacement for traditional telephone service and cannot be used for emergency calling. Skype, associated trademarks and logos and the “S” symbol are trademarks of Skype Limited.
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