Our Mission Statement
Adopted January, 1998, Revised January, 1999, April, 2000 and July, 2010

The mission of the Denison, IA Chapter shall be to perpetuate the barbershop style of music through the education of its members and the general public. It is our responsibility to create a nurturing atmosphere in which members can become better singers and enjoy their hobby of singing. At the same time, we will share our hobby with the public through performances and a public relations program.

Goal 1. To conduct an enjoyable chapter meeting that members will not want to miss.
1.1    Every meeting includes warmup, craft, quartet activity, rehearsal, and business.
1.2     Ring as many chords as possible.
1.3     Sing straight through some type of music at every meeting (sight reading if necessary)
1.4     Change activities at least every 20 minutes.
Goal 2. To develop a music education program that will increase the musical talents of all members.
2.1    Include quartet activities at every rehearsal.
2.2    Use learning tracks and sheet music to accommodate different learning styles.
2.3    Use sectional rehearsals and quartets to practice barbershop craft.
2.4    Conduct coaching sessions using our members and outside coaches.
2.5    Promote personal responsibility and pride during rehearsals.

Goal 3. To develop a public performance package that is always ready to execute.
3.1    Learn at least four new songs each year and drop four from repertoire.
3.2    Develop a package that involves several members in various roles.
Goal 4.  To develop a public relations package that will make our presence known to future members, make known our status as a service organization, and to educate the public about our mission.
4.1    Submit stories to local papers before and/or after events happen.
4.2    Continue to seek out performance opportunities.
4.3    Do a “pitch” at every performance about barbershopping.

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