Happiness Express Chorus

Happiness Express Chorus ... Denison, Iowa
Offering an adventure in a cappella singing

Harmony        Education        Camaraderie

We Believe in  "Enriching  Lives Through Singing" - the lives of our audiences, of upcoming generations of singers, and of our members.

We sing four-part, a cappella music in the “Barbershop” style that creates harmonics in four singing parts to produce an audible fifth note or overtone. In other words, we sing close-harmony music that creates goosebumps when done correctly.

We perform an entertaining variety of music that features harmony, comedy, and visual vitality that energizes both audiences and chorus members. We love to have fun.

We educate our members to become better singers and leaders. Our priority is to seek, develop, use and enhance the skills and talents of each member to such an extent that progress seems limitless.

We support youth through educational outreaches and financial support of music education in our area schools.