Submit a Project

Interested in submitting a project idea?

If you have a project idea for Hands on Hartsville 2015, please complete our online submission form or fax the downloadable project submission form (see attached document at bottom of site) to (843)383-8038, Attn: Hands on Hartsville.  Projects will be reviewed and selected based on the availability of resources.  

Deadline for submissions

The deadline for Hands on Hartsville 2015 project proposals will be midnight on February 28, 2015.

Hands on Hartsville is seeking the following types of service projects:

Hands on Hartsville desires to work on projects that will satisfy specific needs, while providing concrete benefits for the recipient organizations. 

Guidelines for the projects:

All service projects must be able to be finished in 4 hours and have a tangible impact. The projects must also be truly in need of the help of Hands on Hartsville volunteers, implying that the project would unlikely be completed without our volunteers' help.

Examples of projects:

Interior/exterior painting, landscaping, community cleanups, small construction projects and other work that could be done in four hours with an ample amount of volunteers.

Please keep in mind that projects requiring potentially hazardous work, such as roofing, use of scaffolding or extension ladders, heavy use of sophisticated power tools and excavation, are not permissible.

While some of our volunteers will have specialized skills, most will not.

Cost of projects to community agency:

Absolutely nothing! Hands on Hartsville is actively seeking donations of the materials needed to complete the projects. While any donations of materials, equipment or volunteers is greatly appreciated, it is not required.

Project Idea

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Feb 3, 2015, 2:04 PM