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4-1 Groundwater flow and storage in karst aquifers

Groundwater flow and storage in karst aquifers - Ecoulement  souterrain et stockage  d’eau dans le karst
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Karst hydrogeological systems are highly heterogeneous and anisotropic. Both the unsaturated zone, consisting of the soil, epikarst and a transmission zone, and the saturated zone are characterised by a duality of permeability – conduits and open fissures and shafts on the one hand, and low permeability rock volumes on the other hand – resulting in different groundwater flow types and storage capacities. Determining the nature of groundwater flow and storage in karst aquifer systems, as well as retention times, is of primary concern for water management purposes.

This session aims at better understanding groundwater flow and storage within the different subsystems of karst aquifers and will also include presentations on artificial water storage in karst systems.

Jacques Mudry,
17 Aug 2011, 09:28