11-2 Access to the H2Karst conference site

The H2Karst Conference will take place at
UFR (Faculty) of Sciences & Techniques, La Bouloie - Métrologie building
16 route de Gray - 25000 BESANCON

H2Karst Conference site

Map of Besançon

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A detailed map of Besançon, drawn by the municipality, is downloadable at the bottom of this page.

Map of H2Karst conference site

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Coming by BUS to H2Karst conference site

The site of the conference can be reached by BUS

- from the city center
, using:
  • line n°6 - Tilleroyes direction - ''Beaux Arts'' station
  • line n°7 or 9 - Campus direction - ''Campus (Crous Université)'' station
  • line n°8 - Campus direction - ''Campus (Arago)'' station

- from the railway station, using:
  • line n°20 - Place Risler direction - ''Beaux Arts'' station

- or using line n°2 - Planoise direction - changing bus:
  • at ''Pôle Sportif'' station, from line n°4 - Founottes direction
  • at ''Notre Dame'' station, from line n°8 - Campus direction

See also the map of Ginko transport company here
(or downloadable file at the bottom of this page)

(satellite view - click to enlarge)

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