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About Search and Rescue Dogs

How SAR Dogs Can Help

Because of their ultra sensitive hearing, night vision, endurance and keen sense of smell, dogs can play a key role in search and rescue efforts. Their skills make each dog team as useful as twenty to thirty trained human searchers in locating a missing person.

SAR dogs usefulness lies in the fact that every human has a scent - one that is not detectable by humans, but is by dogs. Trained SAR dogs use either air scenting or trailing techniques to help find people.

It is up to the public agency conducting a search to determine whether a SAR dog team should be called.

All qualified search and rescue dog handlers are volunteers. They are not paid for their work or for their training and support of their dogs. They do not charge for the services they provide. Private, tax-deductible donations of money, supplies and equipment are their only sources of outside assistance.