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White Buick

out of print

(story collection, 1992)

A collection of 15 stories, about a disintegrating relationship on a Spanish island, an immigrant who believes his American car can heal itself, a man discovering his grandfather through a memoir left by his father, a vengeful dog locked in a van, parents in a hospital with a mysteriously ill child, relationships among three unacceptable people, a young couple who encounter a predator in Italy, a letter to a judge from an 18th-century witch, a drug-dealer and his girlfriend, a man obsessed with watches . . .

Out of print.


"[Hollingshead] particularly excels at evoking, without melodrama or hyperbole, the dominant nightmares of the present." -- Books in Canada

"White Buick is one of the best collections of stories I have read in recent years. . . Writing doesn't get much better." -- Merna Summers, The Edmonton Journal

"Hollingshead's prose has quiet assurance. There is nothing unnecessary, nothing overstated." -- Prairie Fire

"If, as I do, you like our fiction to take imaginative leaps and to deliver not just an accounting but a vision, and if, further, you'd prefer to hear about that vision in clean, unaffected language that purrs along like a big, white Buick, you can't go wrong with this brave, intelligent, really brilliant new collection." -- Barbara Gowdy, The Globe and Mail