Kill your Darlings

How to Kill Your Darlings

An author should only write about the things he knows. This is an impossible task for the crime writer, unless he is a serial killer. So how can he step into the killer’s shoes without coming across as a fake on paper? Which murder weapon should he choose, and why? 

Bettina von Cossel’s talk will give you invaluable insights into the life of a crime writer and the Do’s and Don’ts if you want to kill on paper.

Bettina von Cossel writes novels and short stories, mostly in German. Her crime novels are modern versions of the traditional whodunit. In other words, Miss Marple with a mobile phone.

 Bettina is a big fan of research. Over the years, Bettina has become an acknowledged expert in the grisly art of credible and effective murder, of ones partner, or in fact anyone else.