Katie Alford

Katie Alford

Katie was born in London and raised in Bristol. After a number of years in Middlesbrough, where she gained three degrees in 3d modelling and digital art subjects, she moved back to London, where she currently resides. 

She excels at starting novels but is not so good at finishing them, with her in progress works now into double figures. In addition to writing she is also a digital artist, specialising in 3d environment modelling.

She has won a number of short story competitions but realised it was taking precious time away from her novel writing and so stopped entering them, but she does now sometimes judge them instead. The current genres she has written works in include fantasy, sci fi, steampunk, dark fantasy, folklore and detective. She has recently dabbled a bit in poetry but is not intending to take that any further. It just seemed a good idea at the time.

She is very excited to be working with Kristell Ink on her novel “Atlantis and the Game of Time”.