Who We Are

Our Aims
  • We support and advise the Forums and Groups in best practice, governance, marketing, recruiting new members, fundraising, influencing their local Council, NHS, MPs, MEPs, statutory bodies and the voluntary sector. 
  • We gather information across London on issues of importance and concern to older people and make representations on behalf of the Forums and groups to over 30 Pan-London organisations and national policy and strategic committees including the Central Government, the Greater London Assembly, London Councils, the NHS and Forum 2012.

  • We offer a specific voice through the London Minority Ethnic Elders Group and their events. 

  • We hold events, conferences and training workshops.

  • We publish and widely circulate throughout Greater London the magazine: Senior London

  • Our membership scheme, the Friends of the GLF, gives London residents an opportunity to voice their concerns and be involved in improving the quality of life for older people.
  • We campaign on London-wide issues: fuel poverty, the Freedom Pass, sheltered housing issues, changes in the NHS, changing attitudes towards older people, age discrimination, Post Office closures, public toilet provisions, Life-Long Learning, transport, pensions, financial security, health and social care and community safety


Some of our Campaigns
  • Post Office Closures
  • Changing Attitudes
  • Ageism
  • Adult Education
  • Public Toilet Facilities
  • Freedom Pass
  • GP Consultations