Yoga / Pilates instructors at the studio

Gaynor Andrews
Through dedicated yoga practice and a commitment to holistic health, Gaynor Andrews has mastered the art of staying young through healthy living. As a 50-year-old grandmother, she is the embodiment of what she teaches.

After completing Certificates III and IV in Fitness in 2005, which qualified her as a personal trainer, Gaynor realised that yoga was the missing part of her holistic health program.

In 2012 she received her Diploma in Yoga Teaching and from there designed her own classes, with an emphasis on promoting holistic health. Gaynor emphasis on gentleness in her classes

Gaynor teaches at the studio on Monday and Thursday : 9.15 am - 10.30 am.   

Mobile : +61401597250        Email :

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Ingrid Camille

Instructing exercise groups for older adults in the community health centre in Eltham for the past 12 years, Ingrid Camille has often had older adults express the wish to do yoga but think they can’t anymore. 

At Better Balance Yoga, you can do yoga! This is a yoga class designed to improve your balance and flexibility safely with the use chairs to sit in or hold onto for balance. Relax, stretch and strengthen without needing to get onto the floor. 

Ingrid has been practising yoga for 15 years, has 14 years experience in leading exercises for older adults, and currently leads groups for deconditioned adults with health issues and a water-based form of Tai Chi. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Ingrids Easy Yoga class: Thursdays 11am - 12.00pm

For bookings or information please call Ingrid Camille 0409 487 661

Esther Murphy  

Has practiced yoga over 11 years in many different styles. Esther completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 at Body Mind Life Yoga in Sydney where she trained In Vinyasa Flow, Philosophy, and Pre-natal. Esther furthered her training with a qualification in Kids Yoga with Rainbow Kids. As a qualified counselor since 2001 my interest in natural health took over as I expanded my study into Holistic Counselling and Colour therapy, 7 years ago.

For me Yoga is a way of life, as a mum of 3 I am passionate about living a holistic lifestyle which encompasses yoga as a whole, 

physically, mentally and spiritually. My Adult classes offer a juicy flow, challenging mind and body finishing with whole body total 

relaxation😉. My Kids yoga is all about fun, it introduces children to the practice of yoga through poses, breath, and mindfulness”.

Phone: 0404026267


Facebook: My Serenity Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Wednesday 9:30 -10:30am.   Kids Yoga Wednesday 4-5 pm 

Serena Schultz
Serena has been a teacher for 20 years in Driver Education, training people in groups and on an individual bases, to overcome their fears and anxiety.  Through knowledge and practice, helping them to develop the life skills and awareness needed to keep themselves and others around them safe.

Serenas love and passion to now teach Yoga and Meditation, stems from the same place within her, an innate will to help and see people grow, through learning a useful life skill that develops awareness and balance, dismantling fears and anxiety from within.

“Yoga and Meditation are learned tools, to which we can use to reach inside ourselves to draw satisfaction from our existence.  Helping to create positive energy for both oneself and in turn community alike”.

Practicing Yoga for 6 years recognising its value to society, and receiving emense personal benefits through self practice, Serena went forth and studied Yoga and Meditation at Santosha Institute of Yoga in Indonesia in 2018. 

“I teach Hatha Yoga which is the foundation of all asana practices and in design is for everyone.  Working on focusing the mind, recognising the breath and creating space for movement, allowing time in each pose for breath and stillness of mind, beginning and ending in a meditative state.”

Adults Hatha Yoga -     Thursday 6pm - 7.15pm