The Product?

Each seat is delivered to your door in sections for you to assemble. If you require us to do this for you, we will make a small charge. Each seat comes to you in pressure treated neutral for you to colour if you wish to. For a small charge we can immerse your seat in a brown or green preservative, which seals all end grains and cut-outs. We recommend this to all Bow Top Seats and Arches.

The Base?

A base in almost every instance means a very level surface
(paving slabs will be ideal).


Although dainty, all our seats are very sturdy and are made to be free-standing. In normal circumstances you don't need to bolt them down.

Will it last?

All our products are made of Best Quality Joinery Redwood from a replenishment source and are pressure treated for long life. It should in this form last in excess of 20 years. It will age in the same way as we do, but the wood will still remain solid and good. To paint or stain this will keep it looking good and further the life of your seat.


When your seat is ready, we will contact you. We will advise you which day of the week we will be delivering in your area, whether the delivery will be A.M. or P.M.
Should you wish for us to assemble the seat, this will be done by the driver. Should you for any reason not be available on this delivery day, your seat will be held back until we are in your area (normally about 4 weeks).
The far North of England and Scotland are visited about every 6 weeks.

Any other questions?

Please do not hesitate to Contact us.