World Politics

The world today: tension and volatility in a multi-level geopolitical structure: chapter

World Society in 2015: chapter

World Society in 2017: chapter


World history: the growth and distribution dynamics of power, truth, value chapter

World history: progress and destruction, independence and incorporation: chapter

Power trajectories: Western Dominance and Eastern Growth: chapter


Debating the mathematical science approach to international relations: chapter


Political culture, democracy and intervention: fragment

Libya 2011: Obama, the financial crisis, the Arab Spring and Libya – the lessons of  history and mathematical social science: paper

Iraq 2003: Adding complexity to game theory: fragment in paper


Satisfaction and Democracy, The Middle Opinion: in Chapters 9 to 18 in web page


UK and Ireland: web page

UK and EU, Brexit: web page

USA 2020, Trump: Mass, Space and Time in USA Elections, 1789-2020: web page

USA 2020, Trump: the Abstract Structure of Public Opinion: web page

Nigeria, Greece and Ireland, 2015; chapter

Ukraine 2014: Ukraine: united or divided? West and East; living with others: chapter

Tunisia, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Israel in 2019: paper


May 2021: Israel, UK, France, Germany, Russia, USA, China two pages


Chinese citizen satisfaction with government: the abstract structure of public opinion paper


International Organization: latest-issue

World Politics: latest-issue

American Political Science Review: latest-issue

Journal of Conflict Resolution: latest-issue

Journal of Theoretical Politics: latest-issue 


Handbook of International Relations


EconomistForeign AffairsMonkey Cage


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