Sad about the Anger

“Dear ….,
I am writing to you to say that I am sad about the intense anger in parliament yesterday. I think it might help if all of us take time to pause and register our sadness.
Best wishes,
Gordon Burt

“Commons hits boiling point. Bitter scenes …” The Times, September 26, 2019: 1. [26 September 2019]

Parliament in anger ... three weeks earlier
“The prime minister’s chief adviser launched a foul-mouthed tirade against Greg Clark [the former business secretary] ...”
Bennett, Owen and Mikhailova, Anna. “Tensions high after Cummings sabotages plan for compromise.” Daily Telegraph, September 5, 2019: 5.
“The anger in the Commons yesterday was something else. It wasn’t just political. It was personal. Steamingly, screamingly, personal.
MPs flinging insults at one another is nothing new. But essentially it feels like a performance. Pantomime. Playing to the gallery.
Not yesterday. This time, the hostility felt all too brutally real.”

Deacon, Michael. “The anger wasn’t just political it was personal.” Daily Telegraph, September 5, 2019: 2.