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11th December 2019

Love? On 11th December 2019? Why?
Here in the UK we are coming towards the end of what has been Brexit election year. Sadly there has sometimes been the absence or indeed the opposite of love. But there have also been occasions of what might be called generosity of spirit and of the thought that all are honourable:

“I voted Remain but I think we should respect the referendum and Leave.”
“I heard the word ‘traitor’ just now from someone in the House. I don’t think I am a traitor. I don’t think anyone here is a traitor. I think that when we refer to each other as ‘the honourable member’ that is not just a form of words – rather it reflects a reality that we are all honourable, trying in our different ways to do what is best for this country and its people.”

And on a lighter, more festive, note:
“… but most of all
When snowflakes fall
I wish you love.”
Bing Crosby then Charles Trenet:

Wishing you all the best for the festive season!

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