Humanities and mathematics

A guide to Humanities and Mathematics (30 pages)

A guide to the guide “Humanities and mathematics – a reframing”(4 pages)

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A basic general model of power and benevolence

Contents list for A guide to Humanities and Mathematics (30 pages)

1 Humanities, Sciences and Life

1.1 Arts and Science … Midgeley and Pinker (YB14, 3-6)

1.2 Humanities and the novel … Pavel (YB14, 71-74)

1.3 Life … Cafavy’s Ithaca (YB15, 49-50)


2 Humanities and Mathematics

2.1 Set theory and reality … Niall Fergusson’s models of history (CCMSS, 19-20)

2.2 Language and logic … Montague’s thesis (CCMSS, 29-31)

2.3 The mathematics of Wordsworth’s daffodils

2.4 “A foundational mathematical account of a specific complex reality: conflict inA Midsummer Night’s Dream


3 Humanities, meaning and social opinion

3.1 Shakespeare’s anniversary year: an analysis of experts’ rankings

3.2 The real Jane Austin

3.3 Humour and conflict … Charlie Hebdo (YB15, 70-72)

3.4 Sculpture and meaning … Neil MacGregor (YB14, 104-108)

3.5 Is merit meritorious?


4 Cultural trajectories: languages, religions and political cultures (YB17, 107-108)

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