1 Mathematical social science - general theory

Burt, G. (2010) Conflict, complexity and mathematical social science. Bingley: Emerald Books http://books.emeraldinsight.com/display.asp?K=9781849509725&cur=USD


Religion and culture


Trajectories through landscapes

Abstraction and specificity

‘SM’: Social Modelling Note

‘PP’: Presented Paper

‘MCN’: Modelling Commentary on the News

‘(4)’ denotes 4 pages


SM 2 How the vote changes: percentage change, proportional change or change in z-score? (4)

SM 3 How do people value the main political parties? (6)

SM 4 Basic concepts: electorate and voters; percentages and z-scores; change and needed change; swing and flow; a set of constituencies (5)

SM 12 The cumulative distribution of rebelliousness (early rough draft) (7)

SM 13 The Obama vote in 2012: the spatial network hierarchy (11)

Religion and culture

SM 1 Towards a foundational conceptualisation of peace and conflict

John Burton; Johann Galtung; the Global Peace Index; is conflict always bad? (2)

SM 7 Obituary: Baron Glenamara, of Glenridding ... in love with the Lake District (2)

SM 8 The ordination of women bishops and the propositional calculus (3)

SM 9 ‘Source of moral values’? ... or ‘one long celebration of violence’?   

The Positive Speaking Quotient (PSQ): Sachs 63%; Moses 21%; Jesus 66% (7)

SM 10 What should we do in these difficult times? ‘Here is my recommendation ...’

Is religion a self-interested other-regarding happiness-seeking rational choice? (4)

SM 15 Women, religion, culture and measurement (5)

SM 16 Religion: a model of life ... an image of a positive society (5)


SM 11 Outcome value and strength in a series of tournaments (3)

SM 14 Modelling sport (8 pages)

Trajectories through landscapes

Trajectories of values and actions through structured landscapes ...

... in the political sphere and in the economic sphere:

PP2 What can a loss of strength gradient look like? Competition over space and time

   for people’s opinions [24]

MCN 5 Dynamic models of interconnected systems (1)

   Beijing cuts rates as Fed waits; Obama: Europe risks a spiral of decline;

   Rajoy hails rescue as victory; Eight out of ten Britons want a vote on Europe

Abstract structures and specific reality

PP1 A foundational mathematical account of a specific complex social reality: conflict  

   in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (20)

SM 5 Dancing with the daffodils - the abstract structure of a specific poem (6)

SM 6 Abstract structures and specific cultural products and events (6)