3 Lives and histories - mathematical accounts

Lives and histories are, ultimately, what people experience. Two aspects are of particular interest:


     love and hate, positivity and negativity – selves, lives and relationships

     trajectories of values and actions through structured landscapes


Traditionally, lives and histories are the province of the humanities. The following writings look at biography, poetry, drama, and stories. The aim is to identify some key ideas and to consider the extent to which these ideas can be represented mathematically. One might think of good literature as combining good writing about lives, good effect on the audience and good representation of lives. On the whole the interest here is in good representation rather than in good writing or good effect on the audience.


     Obituary: BaronGlenamara, of Glenridding (SM7)

     The Daffodils ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud ...’ (SM5)

     Shakespeare: AMidsummer Night’s Dream (PP1)

     The trajectory of values in cultural stories (171-172)*

     Religious conversion as a trajectory of value - William Wilberforce (170-171)*


Complementing the above writings, the following writings adopt an approach familiar in the mathematical sciences, analysing data sets and developing mathematical models.


     Population flows of participation and performance in education (173-178)*

     Politics: competition in space and time for people's opinions

     Trajectories of values in the stockmarket (202-211)*

     Technology development and the trajectory of value (172-173)*


* Burt, G. (2010) Conflict, complexity and mathematical social science. Bingley: Emerald Books