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August 2018

Values, World Society and Modelling Yearbook 2017 (see below)

The front page of The Times

Ethnic origin of sex grooming gangs

Corbyn, Labour and the Jews …

A person ‘from’ country X living in country Y

… the Jews and Israel

Terror link to charity

Labour leadership, 2015: discourse of dissatisfaction … Jeremy Corbyn

Probability and the 2018 World Cup

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Values, World Society and Modelling Yearbook 2017

Professor Peter Abell of the LSE writes:

“Can you imagine a book that ranges from an analysis of the evolution of societies to an essay on Fermat’s last theorem? No, well think again! Gordon Burt’s latest volume embraces these polarities and much more as well. What holds this diversity together is a study of how current events can be reflected in longer time dynamics of the world system. It is a study of how groupings change and identity is expressed. Where is the world going? Can we address this issue by inspecting current events? Gordon Burt believes so and his book offers persuasive evidence to this effect. Is the resurgence of nationalism something that will spread and defeat supra–national sentiments and values?  These issues are studied in the context of a new agenda, exploring “all aspects of society paying special attention to values with special interest in modelling” This assumption manifested throughout the volume emphasises the use of high academic standards; a splendid achievement.”

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