Special topic: peace and defence economics

1 Military expenditure economic growth nexus in Jordan: an application of ARDL bound test analysis in the presence of breaks.

See also World Society Conversations: files WSC 2 B1, B2.

Ourania Dimitraki and Sandar Win, Bedfordshire University. 7/2/2018. raniadimitraki@hotmail.com  


2 Defence Economics: Moving Forward. There is a long history in defence economics:

SECURITY AND DEFENCE ECONOMICS - AN UNKNOWN DISCIPLINE Abstract Conflicts and wars are like laws of nature an integral part of humankind … http://www.hadmernok.hu/132_33_haraldp.pdf


3 An overview of defence economics as a concept:

This article explores the relationship between conflict and defence output from an economic perspective. It starts by outlining the economics of conflict and peace. Next, it explores the relationship between defence spending and conflict and raises questions about the impact of rising weapons costs and the rising costs of conflict on the ... www.cairn.infohttps://www.cairn.info/revue-d-economie-politique-2012-2-page-171.htm


4 However, not many defence economists exist today and the discipline and research has been decreasing. That is an issue that interests me a lot.


Contributed by Rania Dimitraki