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Getting Started

3) Review some examples

How to build your ePortfolio?

3) Sign in or sign up for a Google Apps in Education (if your school participates) or free general Google account (you may already have one if you use gmail).

4) Watch these 3 videos to learn how to set your Google Site and build your ePortfolio
How to Set up your Googlio - Screencast Tutorial Videos

5) Start building!

For Instructors:

*See my post on "Best way for Instructors to get started with ePortfolio" where I have collected sample assignments and syllabi

Additional/Optional Getting Started Resources:

*Set up your free website in 5 minutes see "Google Sites: The Easiest Way to Start a Free Web Page"
*Learn how to edit your website with out knowing HTML language see "What is WYSIWYG and How to Hyperlink, Upload, and Embed"

*Build and integrate your ePortfolio using this how to guide

*Read up on the research and best practices, see the suggested reading list to begin reading more about ePortfolios