Surgical Instruments

All Kind of Surgical Items 
Artery Forceps: Straight & Curved Dissecting Forceps Post Mortem Insturments Dental Instruments :
Needle Holding Forceps: (All Types) Edison Drissecting Forceps Post Mortem Set Complete: In wooden Box Tooth Forceps Assorted
Cinus Forceps  Tonsil Dissecting Forceps Ampulatation Saw Army Pat :  Bone Rongers 
Bow Dressing Forceps Mecandoz Dissecting Forceps  Amputation Saw Forgusen Root Rongers 
Bebock Forceps Looks Forceps  Amputation Knife  Root Elevators winter Cross bar 
Green Forceps Dental Tweezers Mallet With Chiesel  Root Elevators Brass 
Tower Forceps Ear Forceps Bowel scissor Root Ellvators warmik James
Ear Forceps (Tilly) Gallery Wall Chiesel Straiht & Curved Persotal Elevators 
Meghal Forceps (Right Angled) Spanish Forceps spine Wrench Bone Chisles Boyd Garner
Stone Holding Forceps russian Forceps Skull Rest Moon Probe 
Mixture (Right Angled) Ramsay Forceps Casiator  Bone Cuttetters 
Tonsil Holding Forceps (Break) Bonny Forceps Whelping Forcep  Surgical Hammers
Allice Tissue Forceps Dental Tweezers NO24"25 Throat Forcep  Mouth Gag Forgussion
Sponge Holding Forceps Lens Tooth Cutter Mouth Gag Heister Jaw Opner
Ovum Forceps Splintor Ear And Nosal Instruments All Metal Hypodertmic Sryinge
Forceps Sutur Forceps Ear  forcep Hartman s Cartidge syringe
Vesllulum Forcep Bull Dog Ear Forceps crocodile Jaw Water syringe
Towel Clip Cross Action Towel Clip Chhalewalal Aural Currete ( Body Remover) Crown scissor No.
Lane Tissue Forceps Dilator Set Ear Spectulum : Set Of three Gum scissor
Loh forceps (Special Heavy) Adominal Retractor Morris  Viginal Speculum Sim s duck Bill S . Small Chittle Forceps 
Artery Forceps Moynihan Pazzi retractor : E.N.T Set (Diagnostic) Sture Scissors health goldma
Retractor Round :  Retractor Lengan Back :  Mounthgag Set of Five surpragingval 
Retractor wolkman: Retractor Kelly : Mounthgag Doyen's Dental scaler singel ended all
Retractor Bladder:  Retractor Dever : Mounthgag Forgusun Lecorn carver
Retractor Skin  Retractor Durban :  Midwifery Forceps ( Amulgum carner 5*
Retractor czerny Crown remover with 2 Point Cotton Holder Large Matrix Retainer No.1
Articulator 3 Point powder Coating Fax plate waste Reciever  Plaster Spatula St.& Curfe Duco 
Orthodantic pher assorted No. with Sleev Handle Hot Plate Dental Tweezer No. 13 , 8 Sup Plaster Knife
Sprit Lamp 4- z Alminium BP Handle Dental Probe Double Wax Knife
Mayo Scissors ; Straight and Curved Bone File Mouth Mirror Handle S.S Round Articulator Plane Lane
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Showing 0 items
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