This is a web-page dedicated to the documention of the Independent Sacramental Movement (ISM).  At the year of this web-page's conception, finding a thorough and well-documented site covering the ISM, all known Independent Bishops, their churches as well as their lineages was difficult, if not impossible.

One would either find that the (wandering) bishops had individually and independently put their lineages on-line in long PDF's or that some of the bishops hid themselves within Churches and Orders and refrained from going public with their lineages and succession lines.

Some books have been published in an attempt to cover the field, although currently somewhat outdated.

It was therefore obvious that a unified endeavor needed to be undertaken in order to collect information pertaining to the different lineages, all in one place.  It is therefore the intent of this project to gather consecrational information to this end and bring such information forth in order to present it within its proper context.

By shedding light upon the ISM, the tradition and its wandering as well as landed bishops, it is the intent that not only will its history be documented for posterity but that it in general will be understood better.

We hope that the information gathered here will aid and be a resource for any interested party, today as well as in the years to come.